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Situated on in the Atlantic Ocean west of Morocco, Islas Canarias is an archipelago of 7 islands combining different kinds of riches, experiences and opportunities for every traveller. These small pieces of heaven are currently governed by Spain but enjoy multicultural environment where tourists can satisfy all of their expectations.

The major islands are Tenerife, Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria. Lanzarote, La Palma, La Gomea and El Hierro are forming the 2nd part of the main islands but are not as large. Each is unique and has different attractions for even the most experienced tourists.

The focal point of an amazing holiday experience starts with terrific accommodation. Islas Canarias offers luxurious hotel rooms, spacey apartments, remote lodges, cosy townhouses and beach bungalows.

The islands have the best overall temperatures throughout the entire calendar year and can be visited even during the winters. The climate is considered remarkably mild with an average temperature of 18 °C, making Islas Canarias a frequent choice for travel during some not very established months for island visitations.

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Not to turn our backs on the cuisine, the traditional tastes Islas Canarias offer, should not be overlooked. The combination of mixed cultures, available seafood riches and as the already stated mild climate plays its toll on the wonderful dishes anyone should try. The culinary delights are in their core Spanish with very strong influence by African and Latin-American gastronomy. The king ingredients are the potato and the banana.

Islas Canarias also has very rich history with some theories connecting it to the long-lost continent of Atlantis. One of the facts leaning this ways is the original inhabitants, the Guanches, as they are very tall with pale skin. Along with Madeira and the Azores, Islas Canarias are identified by many authors as remnants of Atlantis or even leftovers from the broken continent.

Considered by many, as a bridge between three continents, Islas Canaria are wide-open and will welcome everybody with open arms.