Hutchinson Holiday World Lanzarote

When you start choosing which one of the Islas Canarias to explore first, one of your favorites must be Lanzarote. It is also protected by UNESCO and is considered a biosphere reserve. The capital city is called Arrecife with population of a little more than fifty-five thousand, which is approximately 40% of the population in Lanzarote. Other destinations are Puerto Calero, Costa Teguise, Famara, Puerto del Carmen and Playa Blanca. Each of them holds part of the charm Lanzarote can enchant you with. Continue reading “Hutchinson Holiday World Lanzarote”

Hutchinson Holiday World – Gran Canaria

The third biggest island of the Islas Canarias family, is a real gem for every curious traveler. It is named after the original inhabitants, the Canarii. Its population is approximately 848 000 people, which is one of the biggest parts of the entire archipelago demography. The beautiful capital is called Las Palmas and it is famous for accommodating Christopher Columbus on his way to find and explore the Americas. Gran Canaria is also known as the “Miniature Continent”, because of the contrast in climate conditions and the wide range of different sceneries present. Tourists can enjoy the lengthy beaches of white sand, rural villages, vibrant forests and the amazing underwater aquatory, available for diving. Approximately thirty percent of the entire Gran Canaria territory is under the fierce protection of UNESCO, as it is considered a biosphere reserve. Continue reading “Hutchinson Holiday World – Gran Canaria”

Hutchinson Holiday World Tenerife

One of the biggest islands of the archipelago family of Islas Canarias. Tenerife holds a balanced nature, which is an amazing mixture of hot volcanic lava, colourful and music festivals, top clubbing and party time venues and soft white beaches, hiking activities, tourist walks around the tropic forests, educating museum tours and closed all-inclusive resorts for the ultimate rest. You can clearly see why more than 10 million people visit Tenerife each year. Continue reading “Hutchinson Holiday World Tenerife”