Hutchinson Holiday World – Gran Canaria

The third biggest island of the Islas Canarias family, is a real gem for every curious traveler. It is named after the original inhabitants, the Canarii. Its population is approximately 848 000 people, which is one of the biggest parts of the entire archipelago demography. The beautiful capital is called Las Palmas and it is famous for accommodating Christopher Columbus on his way to find and explore the Americas. Gran Canaria is also known as the “Miniature Continent”, because of the contrast in climate conditions and the wide range of different sceneries present. Tourists can enjoy the lengthy beaches of white sand, rural villages, vibrant forests and the amazing underwater aquatory, available for diving. Approximately thirty percent of the entire Gran Canaria territory is under the fierce protection of UNESCO, as it is considered a biosphere reserve.

The amount of tourists per year is around 3.5 million, most of which are not Spanish. This fact shows that Gran Canaria is a famous worldwide destination, attracting people from all over the globe. It also appears that more than half of the visitors prefer to go down the southern part of the isle, which is warmer.

If you are coming on a family vacation and need to create a program for your child, you found the right place. Gran Canaria is ideal for people with children, as it has a fantastic atmosphere around the entire coastline of beaches and can also let them ride camels, swim with dolphins or go on a submarine ride. Makes even adults feel like children again.

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It is also mandatory to try the famous fish restaurants in Gran Canaria and especially on the Las Palmas coastline, serving all types of octopus, local fresh fish, squid and all type of seafood. Some of the most notable local dishes are Polvitos Uruguayos, a mesmerizing desert similar to cheesecake, Chipirones con mojo verde, which is grilled calamari with mojo sauce with herbs and of course last but not least, the famous Gran Canarian Steak, which is influenced by some of the major steak players – Argentina, Urugay, Brazil and of course Spain.