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One of the biggest islands of the archipelago family of Islas Canarias. Tenerife holds a balanced nature, which is an amazing mixture of hot volcanic lava, colourful and music festivals, top clubbing and party time venues and soft white beaches, hiking activities, tourist walks around the tropic forests, educating museum tours and closed all-inclusive resorts for the ultimate rest. You can clearly see why more than 10 million people visit Tenerife each year.

The island enjoys the benefit of the famous Canary climate and is equally satisfying its visitors both on the beaches and in the mountains. By being the biggest of the island group (2,350 sq km), Tenerife is the home of more than 865,000 people and the highest mountain in Spain, the volcanic Pico del Teide, which is 3,720 metres in height. Santa Cruz de Tenerife, is holding the tile of island capital and despite not being as big as Las Palmas for example, its colonial charm is extremely captivating and has that rustic and authentic “smell”, which locks a place in your mind for years to come. The beginning of tourism in Tenerife started around 1851, by welcoming some of the early steamships coming from beautiful Cádiz.

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The big coast line of around 270 km provides a strong range of spots to have fun sunbathing or swimming. Virgin-like bays and hidden natural pools are situated in the northern part, where the landscape is rich with cliffs and rocky mountain roads. A good example of towns in the area are Adeje and also Arona, which have a big number of beaches that have volcanic connection. Of course, with around 18°C during winter and 26°C in the summer season, Tenerife offers the perfect conditions to enjoy the sun during the entire calendar year. A big factor is also its high-level travel and leisure accommodation and the big variety of relaxing activities.

Tenerife is a real rollercoaster, which can lift you up with its fast-paced and dangerous attractions and at the same time calm you down with its quiet beaches and mountain hikes.